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Welcome to The Func Dent, where a smile is more than just pearly whites! We're not your average dental clinic in Bandra. We're a revolution in oral health, with professional experience that flips the script from treating symptoms to tackling the root of dental problems.

Why The Func Dent?

We are the dental detectives; we don't just fill cavities; we delve deeper, investigating the intricate interplay of lifestyle, genetics, environment, and physiology that shapes your oral health.

Gone are the days of impersonal, rushed appointments. At The Func Dent, we prioritize personalized treatments. We listen to your story and your concerns.We believe in collaborative care, empowering you with knowledge and options to choose the Dental Treatments in Bandra that best fit your unique needs and lifestyle....
Dental Solutions: From Routine Care to Specialized Treatments at The Func Dent
Whether you're seeking routine dental cleaning or specialized care for complex conditions, Dr. Ekta Khatri and Dr. Madhavi Shetty, with our expert team, have got you covered. Our comprehensive array of services includes general dental treatments like scaling and root planing, restorative procedures like crowns and implants, and a smile-brightening suite of cosmetic dentistry techniques. And for those battling sleep apnea or TMJ issues, our functional dentistry options offer much-needed relief.
But let's be honest: prevention is always the best policy. That's why we champion preventive care at The Func Dent. Regular dental examinations and cleanings are your first line of defense against dental problems, keeping your smile healthy and radiant.
Come, let's rewrite your dental story. Book your appointment with The Func Dent today, the best dental clinic in Bandra West and experience the difference.

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Functional Dentistry

  • We shift the traditional disease-centered focus of dental practices to a more patient-centered approach, addressing problems as close to their root cause as possible, not merely treating symptoms and managing diseases.
  • We spend time with our patients, listening to their stories and looking at the interactions among genetic, physiological, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term dental health and complex, chronic disease.
  • We integrate the latest emerging research of the best medical and dental practices. We are committed to educating our patients about their health care choices and providing them with options for preventive care that best fit their lifestyles. We also offer services for people who have more conditions including implants, crowns and bridges, dentures, oral surgery procedures and more.

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Book a visit, complete paperwork, and pay your bill…all online. Text, email, or call us. Be confident that your visit will run on time — get in and out efficiently and safely.


Every Mouth Welcome

Your health is important — no matter your age, income, or dental health history. Enjoy an inclusive approach and high-quality care backed by years of experience and expertise.


Safety Comes First

You’re in good hands. Find peace of mind with a built-in air purification system, medical-grade sterilization protocols, clean patient rooms, and the latest and greatest dental tech.


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