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Written by: Dr Ekta Khatri – Co- founder, The Func Dent – The Functional Dentistry Center, Bandra

It been established through multiple studies that cola, coffee, vape and cigarettes have a detrimental effect on oral health. It is important to understand what can be done to minimize the risks while intaking these products. Since all these substances have been known to cause mild to severe negative effects on not just the mouth but the whole body.

Here is a list of problems associated with frequent use of these substances. Dental erosion, is the wear of the enamel which is chemically etched away by acid. Tooth discoloration, gum pigmentation that is basically staining of the tooth or gum due to constant exposure to cola, coffee and cigarettes. Acceleration ofdental caries is also seen in patients who have high exposure to these mediums. These substances are not just acidogenic but also cariogenic in nature, most patients with cancer do give history of constant usage of one or more of these substances.

Additionally vaping and cigarettes have further been linked with issues of the gums like periodontitis, tissue damage on cheeks and tongue, tooth loss, halitosis (bad breath). Xerostomia or dry mouth which is reduced salivary production. Patients who have been using cigarettes or vape have shown significant slow healing after tooth removal or any dental surgical procedures.

Its eminent to consider how to minimize these risk, therefore along with the usuals dental care that includes brushing, flossing, eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated and visiting your dentists regularly. One must avoid or minimize the use of these products to start with. Furthermore, when drinking any acidic drink its recommended to drink with a straw and not hold the drink in the mouth for long. Always drink some water or rinse your mouth post coffee, it reduces the probability of staining. Even though coffee has shown some antioxidant activity, it is advised to limit the consumption to a cup or two a day, use of roasted beans to make black coffee is better than adding milk and sugar.

For smoking, it is best to give it up entirely, not only does it affect your mouth but has adverse effects on the overall health. Use of nicotine replacement therapy is recommended. Vapes even though are nicotine free mostly, the do have e-liquid which consists of heavy mental, volatile compounds etc. that increase the risk of cancer significantly.

In following these steps, one can help themselves keeping not only the dental care in check but the whole body in good health.