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Dr. Madhavi Shetty


About Dentist

Dr Madhavi Shetty graduated from one of India's renowned dental colleges –Dr DY Patil School of Dentistry and went on to earn her MDS degree in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics from the prestigious YMT Dental College. Her vision is to make her patient's experience as painless as possible with a combination of comfort, care and expertise with the latest technology. She excels in addressing every patient's concern with a functional approach and shifting the traditional disease-centred focus of dental practices to a more patient-centred approach. She has worked as a Consulting Endodontist in multiple renowned clinics around Mumbai. She also works at multiple charitable hospitals in Mumbai that perform free dental procedures for the most disadvantaged among us which gives her immense satisfaction.

With over 10 years of experience in general dentistry, Dr Madhavi believes that addressing the root cause of dental issues gives her the greatest joy of seeing her patients as a healthier version of themselves with their gorgeous beaming smiles.

A full-time foodie who wouldn’t stop lecturing you on the disadvantages of sugar but also bake you the best cookies to indulge in.

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Dr. Ekta Khatri


About Dentist

Dr Ekta has completed her graduation from India’s renowned dental- Dr DY Patil School of dentistry, Mumbai. She achieved her masters in Prosthodontics and lmplantology. She excels in bringing a perfect balance between functional and esthetic dentistry. She has worked as a Consultant Prosthodontist around multiple clinics in Mumbai and has been an integral part of well known chain of dental corporate clinics in India and internationally.

With a decade of experience, Dr Ekta brings state-of-the-art technology with complete precision and care to dental practice. A complete chatterbox and TV buff who loves to know her patient's stories. She is our in-house pet lover who loves curating smiles.🐾☺️